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Our dethatching lawn service costs vary depending on the size and condition of your lawn. With our free lawn assessments, we’ll come and take a look at what you’re working with and provide a quote at no cost or obligation to you.

$170per service

When thatch (dead organic matter, grass roots and stems) gets too thick it can mean stunted growth, pest problems and disease for your lawns. And while you can spend all day on the rake, you’ll never get as deep, or remove as much thatch, as the professionals.

Let our team of lawn care specialists take care of it for you. Our specialist dethatching machine promotes healthy regrowth, removing your thatch layer and getting nutrients, water and air back into your lawn while you put your feet up and relax.

The Greenest Lawn Co team in action - dethatching machine
HOT TIP: Dethatching is best done in late spring or early summer when you’ll see rapid, healthy growth in your lawn. For deep thatching, two treatments may be required to avoid shocking your lawn, one in spring and a second in autumn.
How it works
01. Assessment

A member of our friendly lawn specialist team will visit your property and conduct a free, detailed lawn assessment so we can create a tailored dethatching lawn service plan to meet your unique lawn’s needs.

We’ll check that dethatching is actually what your lawn needs and look for things like grass that is green on top but brown below, spongy grass and hardened soil.

We often find that lawns requiring dethatching also need a good aeration service and fertiliser treatment to get them back to their best. If this is the case with your lawn, we’ll discuss your options with you (including our Lawn Renovation service) when we conduct our assessment. Our recommendations are completely obligation-free, and we will always create a tailored quote that’s right for your budget and your needs.

02. Dethatching

Your lawn specialist will then visit your home and conduct the dethatching lawn service using a specialised dethatching machine. Our team may need to pass the dethatching machine over your lawn two to three times depending on the condition of your lawn.

The Greenest Lawn Co team in action - dethatching
03. Clean up

Dethatching tends to produce a large volume of mess and debris. Our team will collect all of this and remove it from the site to make sure you’re left with nothing but a neat, tidy and freshly dethatched lawn that’s ready to grow.

04. Happy days!

You’re all done! When we finish up, your lawn specialist will leave a service summary and aftercare tips to make sure you have all the info you need to keep your lawn looking its best.

If there are bare patches left on your lawn we may recommend overseeding to get them filled and lush again. We’ll provide a quote and recommendation if this is the case with your lawn.

Lawn Dethatcher Brisbane - FAQs

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Satisfaction guarantee

We’re confident you’ll be 100% satisfied with our service and the outcomes we’ll achieve for your lawn. But if you’re not, or if problems arise, we’ll arrange a free visit within the week to get things back on track.

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