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Every single one of our lawn care plans comes with premium lawn treatments as standard, so we can get your grass growing thick, healthy, green and strong— and keep it that way. No more stress, no more trial and error and no more throwing money at solutions that don’t work. Just tried-and-tested methods that will give you the greenest grass in your street.

The Greenest Lawn Co team in action - spraying and feeding lawn.
Soil nutrition and fertilising

Getting the right nutrition to your soil requires more than just a quick spray. We consider the time of year, the condition of your soil and the needs of your grass before applying a liquid treatment, slow-release, granular formula or soil nutrition solution to your lawns.

We deliver the right nutrition, at the right time to stimulate and maintain growth and create a lawn that is naturally resilient to weeds, pests and disease.

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Weed control

If you’ve ever spent the weekend hunched over your grass tearing out weeds only to have them grow back stronger than ever then you know how frustrating and time-consuming weed control can really be.

We’re specialists in treating and controlling all kinds of weeds, from common crabgrass to rare and hard-to-treat varieties. We know when to get them at their most vulnerable and how to treat them so they won’t come back. We’ll do our best to avoid using herbicides and pesticides unless absolutely necessary, and once they’re gone, our treatments and care mean they won’t grow back.

No temporary fixes here. We give your lawn our complete attention and care to ensure it is weed-free, stopping them from germinating and eliminating them using long-lasting granular pre-emergent treatments to prevent them from growing in the first place.


Dying lawns and spongy grass might be the work of pests like lawn grubs, armyworm or sod webworm. We’ll assess your lawns for hard to see pests and apply treatments to get rid of them for good.

Disease control

We are the experts in spotting, diagnosing and treating diseases that cause damage to lawns including dollar spot, lawn rust, fungal problems and brown patches. And when it comes to disease control, an expert is exactly what you need to make sure you get the treatment right and maintain the health of your lawn in the long term.

The Greenest Lawn Co team in action - spraying and feeding lawn.
Soil conditioning and wetting agents

Great lawns need great soil. Our conditioning treatments are tailored to your lawn’s needs and bring back a pH balance of alkalinity and acidity that’s perfect for growing the lushest, healthiest, greenest grass.

And our wetting agents, applied at the right time of year, will help to get more water to your soil, improve your lawn's ability to retain water, enhance root health, and prevent disease. A recipe for strong, healthy and green lawns.

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