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Our Greenest lawn mowing service costs vary depending on the size and incline of your lawn as well as the number of areas and edges to be serviced. Book a free lawn assessment and we’ll provide a quote at no cost or obligation to you.

$150per month

Lawn Mowing Brisbane

Any homeowner knows that lawn mowing is essential to keeping their yards looking good. But what they don’t know is that mowing too low in an effort to avoid having to mow too frequently, can actually create stress on their lawns, while leaving grass too long can block out the sun and cause undergrowth to die.

That’s where Greenest Lawn Co can help.
We’re not your everyday Brisbane mowing service.

With our local lawn mowing service, we’ll create a Greenest Lawn Co Mowing Schedule and maintenance routine, suited to the season and grass species, to keep your unique lawn at a consistent, optimal length so it stays at its healthiest, thickest, greenest and most resilient.

The Greenest Lawn Co team in action - mowing and edging lawn.

This service is only available to VIP clients who are on our Greenest Lawn Plan.

Sharp, clean equipment

We keep our mower blades super sharp and clean to prevent tearing that can lead to damaged, brown grass.

Greenest Lawn Co Mowing Schedule

We’ll mow at the right intervals according to the season and your grass type to ensure you always have the greenest lawn.

Summer: Once a week
Spring and Autumn: Once every 2 weeks
Winter: Once every 3 weeks
The Greenest Lawn Co team in action - edging lawn.
Perfect edging

Your driveways, footpaths and garden beds will look pristine.

Clean and tidy site

We’ll clear away any grass clippings from the top of the lawn as well as footpaths and other hard surfaces.

Service summary

We’ll keep you in the loop. Our specialist will leave a service summary with you at the end of the job.

Locked-in pricing all season

No nasty invoice surprises.

Fully Insured

Across all mowing and gardening services, our business is fully insured for both residential and commercial clients.

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Lawn Mowing Service Brisbane, QLD - FAQs

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How do we know how high to cut your grass?

How do we mow your lawn?

How do we dispose of the grass clippings?

What are the benefits of regularly mowing your lawn?

What are your other lawn and garden care services?

Satisfaction guarantee

We’re confident you’ll be 100% satisfied with our service and the outcomes we’ll achieve for your lawn. But if you’re not, or if problems arise, we’ll arrange a free visit within the week to get things back on track.

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