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Our lawn renovation and rejuvenation service costs vary depending on the size of your lawn, the condition of the soil and grass and the treatments needed. Book a free lawn assessment and we’ll take a look at your lawn and provide a quote at no cost or obligation to you.

$650per service

The ultimate service to give your tired, patchy, uneven and unhealthy lawn a total revamp and get it growing healthy again. Save yourself from vigorous lawn maintenance activities with the garden fork and let us deal with thick thatch, compacted, lacklustre lawns, so we can get your grass back to its former green glory.

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How it works
01. Assessment

A member of our friendly lawn specialist team will visit your property and conduct a free, detailed lawn assessment to make sure lawn renovation is the right solution.

02. Soil Testing

We can conduct a soil test at the clients request to check whether your lawn needs any treatments or soil amendments added.

The Greenest Lawn Co team in action - aeration machine
03. Preparation

Our team will begin the weed removal process, dethatching/scarifying the lawn and then using a specialised machine to aerate the soil to an appropriate level of soil compaction.

04. Mowing

We then scalp the lawn by mowing at a low level to remove old yellow hard growth and encourage soft new green growth. The lawn mowing process also helps to break up and distribute the soil plugs left behind by the aerator.

The Greenest Lawn Co team in action - top dressing
05. Top dressing and treatment

Our next step is to top dress your lawn with a premium top soil or USGA (United States golf association) approved sand to help the grass grow healthier and level out any uneven sections of lawn. We’ll also apply a customised lawn treatment to make specific soil improvements that will give your grass a boost of nutrients.

06. Watering and clean up

We give the whole lawn a thorough watering and tidy up any clippings or mess.

Happy days - family enjoying the lush green lawn
07. Happy days!

You’re all done! When we finish up, your lawn specialist will leave a service summary and aftercare tips to make sure you have all the info you need to keep your healthy lawn looking its best.

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Satisfaction guarantee

We’re confident you’ll be 100% satisfied with our service and the outcomes we’ll achieve for your lawn. But if you’re not, or if problems arise, we’ll arrange a free visit within the week to get things back on track.

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