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New lawn installation

Our new lawn installation service costs vary depending on the size of your lawn and the type of grass chosen. Book a free consultation and we’ll provide a quote at no cost or obligation to you.

$POA(price on application)

Whether you’re looking to completely replace your lawn, or have a new build project, the Greenest Lawn Co has you covered with our new lawn installation services.

Using only the best products, materials and equipment, as well as the best attitude to the job, our lawn specialists are committed to delivering you exceptional customer service and a flawless lawn.

Children playing on lush green lawn

Our new lawn installation services will not only give you the healthiest and best looking lawn in the street but also add value to your family and your property.

How it works
01. Assessment

A member of our friendly lawn specialist team will visit your property and conduct a free, detailed lawn assessment. During this assessment, we’ll take detailed measurements and provide advice on the best lawn type to install for the space and conditions.

02. Lawn removal

If required, we’ll take care of removing your old lawn and disposing of any rubbish.

03. Preparation

Our lawn specialists will level and prepare your site and soil to make sure laying your lawn is successful and effective.

04. Treatment

We’ll apply a customised lawn treatment full of water saving starter nutrients to ensure the very best results.

New lawn being laid
05. Installation

Your new lawn will be cut fresh on the day of the job and will be delivered to your home early in the morning where our team will be ready and waiting to complete the installation.

06. Watering and clean up

We give the whole lawn a thorough watering and tidy up any clippings or mess.

07. Happy days!

You’re all done! When we finish up, your lawn specialist will leave a service summary and aftercare tips to make sure you have all the info you need to keep your lawn looking its best.

Satisfaction guarantee

We’re confident you’ll be 100% satisfied with our service and the outcomes we’ll achieve for your lawn. But if you’re not, or if problems arise, we’ll arrange a free visit within the week to get things back on track.

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